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Excellence in Serviced Apartment Cleaning

Pioneers in Pristine: Your Partner for Five-Star Accommodations


Since the rise of serviced apartments as a preferred choice for travelers, End10Clean has been at the forefront, perfecting the art of serviced apartment cleaning. We understand the pressures of maintaining impeccable standards and the importance of consistently achieving that coveted five-star rating. Our expertise is not just in cleaning; it's in creating an experience.

Ensuring a Five-Star Guest Experience: At End10Clean, our goal is to elevate your guests' experience. A clean, well-maintained, and thoughtfully presented space is key to guest satisfaction and repeat business. Partner with us to turn every guest's stay into a memorable experience.

Reach Out for Impeccable Service: Discover the difference that End10Clean can make to your serviced apartments. Contact us today to arrange a consultation or book our services.



We have been working with landlords, agencies and developers for years. We have heard it all! From unreliable cleaners, to those giving you bad reviews because they are simply not doing their job. We have learned from the mistakes of others to offer you impeccable service with 5* cleanliness feedback - every time.


Every serviced apartment/house is different. We have worked with the smallest of studios only requiring a basic clean, to an apartment building holding several flats requiring a service including a clean, bedding change, product replenishment and etc. This is why we tailor our packages according to your needs. Just contact us with your requirements and we will work out a solution which meets your needs.

The people

We have a vigorous recruitment process. We believe in being the best and that offers no compromise. Once hired our cleaners go through a 10 step training process and organise monthly quality audits. Because we know we ask for much we also reward our cleaners far beyond industry standards for quality performance. We truly believe that if you want the best from someone, you have to give them your best. Working with End10 means working with the best.


Our agents are available on the phone from 7AM until 7PM every day of the week to deal with your requests. We guarantee to respond to your e-mails within two hours (as long as they were sent during our operating hours). You can rest assured in knowing someone will always be there to speak to you. 

How much will it cost?

We pride ourselves on our transparancy and consistency in pricing. However, serviced accomodation is an area with a wide arrange of needs and it has proven difficult to display a one price fits all mechanism. Do get in touch with us, telling us  what the size of your property is and what additional services you need and we wil give you a price you can brag to your competitors about. 


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